Backwards Compatibility, GM Options, and Timelines

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HGU-Logo-2ndEdCompatible-SolidOrangeWhiteWhen Greg and I were discussing whether or not to do a whole new edition or go with our personal favorite system, 2nd edition (2E) Silhouette, the choice was pretty obvious. The Silhouette System was first conceived by Dream Pod 9 when they developed games under the Ianus brand. The first time the Silhouette System was used was in the Project Ako licensed RPG and the bare bones version of the system would go on to become the 1st Edition of Heavy Gear’s core rules.

Utilizing only six sided dice and modifiers to determine a margin of success or failure, the Silhouette System proved to be an easy to learn and use system. Eventually Dream Pod 9 would make modifications to the rules for its 2nd Edition Silhouette. The modifications were minor, which easily allowed 1st Edition material to be used in 2nd Edition. For most of the Heavy Gear RPG’s life, the 2E was, by a large margin, the most popular iteration of the game. Another factor we considered in using 2E was how much material has been published under that system. Players can easily access their older material to jump directly into gaming, or for new players, access the older material via Drive Thru RPG, while new materials are made to update or replace the older material. The Anniversary Edition will be building upon 2E as its foundation and will be completely backwards compatible with the 2E Heavy Gear sourcebooks and expansions.

So what differentiates the 20th anniversary edition system?

Game Master’s Options

Career Ladder

The game master has the ability to enact a series of rules such as a career ladder and flexible stat to skill mechanic. The career ladder system opens up unique perks and possibly flaws. Career packages also allow players to grow their character in an easy to use way with some cost savings involved.The career ladder gives the game master the ability to keep his players focused on their chosen profession rather than have a group of characters that have a wild number of skills unrelated to their character’s concept/archetype. Players will be able to purchase skills outside of their chosen career, however the cost to acquire them will be steep. Conversely, players can advance normally complex skills as a simple skill.

Flexible Stats

The second GM option is the flexible stat mechanic. Normally skills in Silhouette are tied to a specific stat, which leads to players concentrating on stats that  have the bulk amount of application to skills. Agility based skills are some of the worst offenders, while the Psyche and Willpower stats are woefully underutilized for skills. The GM can institute the flexible stat mechanic which will allow the GM to assign stats to skills that he or she feels is appropriate to the use of the skill. For example, Small Arms is normally assigned to the Agility stat, but the GM could have the player use their Creativity or Knowledge skill to maintain the weapon or make minor customizations to the weapon.

Timeline Expansion

In addition to the GM Options and the backwards compatibility, we will be using the timeline established in the in the story book timeline as our base rather than the Blitz tabletop wargame timeline.

The Blitz timeline requires  large conflicts and viable factions which make for a great wargame scenario but removes much of the nuance from the richer RPG timeline. Our RPG storyline exploration will not just advance the story forward, but also look back to the times of Earth’s last crusades, the exploration period during the Concordat era, and historical wars such as the Sandstorm Strikes, War of the Alliance, and St. Vincents War. The War for Terra Nova will still exist, but the scale of the invading forces will be significantly reduced and the timeframe will be drawn out to properly accommodate the great transformations it causes and attempt to return it to the realm of hard science fiction.

Feel free to ask questions down below! We’ll be happy to answer them.


JasonBackwards Compatibility, GM Options, and Timelines

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  1. DaBigMonkey

    Does this mean you will support the second edition tabletop section and will also be producing rpg scenarios for that system as well or will you be striping it out? Why I ask is that it was one of the main reason I picked up Heavy Gear in the first place all those years ago. It was a one stop shop for rpg and tabletop war games and your character could control the gears in a meaningful way. As the system was brutally deadly you really had to think be fore you charged in or you wouldn’t make it out alive.

    Also will you be incorporate operation drop bears into the expanded Heavy Gear timeline? I just re-read it yesterday and found it great source of info into the WPFA. I know it suffered an indentity crisis trying to support 2ed, 3ed, and Blitz, but I thought it was a solid source guide.

    I’m glade you decided to go with the 2ed as I believe I have every HG book DP9 made back then and keep pulling them out to read again. I look forward to all you have in store for us fans and wish you the best of luck.

    1. Post

      You will be able to use the old tabletop rules with the new rules, but we will be focusing our support towards the RPG more than the tabletop as Dream Pod 9 is focused on the wargaming side of things. We will be supporting our 28mm Heavy Gear miniature line with rules for use in that scale. While it will be more focused on the player character/infantry level scale, you just might see a Gear or two to really bring terror onto the battlefield. A Gear at that scale isn’t too crazy of a size as a model.

      Drop Bears was the first product that Greg and I worked on together as a commercial product, and it holds a very special place in our creative works. It was a real test of the waters for us and I realize now that we were a little all over the place with that product, but we love the material in the book and plan on reviving it with added material as well as bringing it in line with the RPG timeline and rules for the Anniversary Edition. The new product will have a larger page count and without the Blitz material that means much more RPG and background material. When we publish it, the book will also be available in print for the first time as well.

  2. Albertorius

    Well, so far pretty much as expected ^_^. Career packages look like a nice addition, and I disconnected skills from stats about a decade ago myself, so obviously I approve. As for the timeline, well, I’ve made my opinions known repeatedly, so… 😛

    OTOH, although I approve of the backwards compatibility ideal, there’s stuff from SilCORE and other sources that could be interesting to revisit.

    That said, the Silhouette system has a bit of a problem with bonus inflation, and personally I was thinking about trying to use the new rolling system to at least partially prevent the proliferation of bonuses and penalties. Are you planning on doing something about that? (By way of example: A very talented pilot [let’s go for broke:say a +3 relevant Stat] on a very agile vehicle [The Cheetah would be the best example here, +2 Man] doing something like Evasive Maneuvers [+2 to defense rolls] has a +7 to the roll even before touching the dice. Basically, the enemy would be hoping for a fumble on his part, That is a thing that happens in the system, and it’s not all that difficult to achieve. Yes, flexible stats will ameliate that somewhat, but…)

    1. Post

      One of the ideas I’ve been toying with to address this issue is the idea that opposed rolls would have a maximum bonus cap of +3 and any excess bleed would be used to negate penalties. It would still give the Cheetah an advantage in that example as it would give the pilot additional options over say a Hunter pilot. For skill checks against a threshold full modifier would still apply.

      1. Spanky_Harrison

        A hard bonus cap seems slightly clunky to me…

        I am also concerned with how you plan to handle not only bonus inflation, but the value of a bonus compared to other advantages. Personally, that is my biggest problem with silhouette, and the one thing really holding it back from being a truly great system.

        As it stands right now, a + or -1 to a roll matters so much that almost all other concerns seem moot. I would like to see something that actually brought things like accuracy and maneuverability bonuses more in line with damage multipliers and armor in terms of value.

        Unfortunately, that may only be able to be accomplished by changing the dice system. Either by adopting something like the new-blitz check system, or by using larger dice in the existing rolling system.

        1. Albertorius

          I agree, a hard cap seems clunky to me.

          What I was actually thinking last week (when I started a new game ^_^), was two-no, actually threefold, I think, and based a bit on the new rolling method from the Blitz Alpha:

          – The first idea would be to change the regular mods (speed, cover, etc) to adding or substracting dice instead of straight modifiers. That would help both wit Spanky_Harrison’s thoughts about making bonuses less all-important and would make rolls easier to adjudicate and read. Also, if I’m to guide myself from my experiences with the new Star Wars game, adding and substracting dice to a pool feels actually much more direct and intuitive.
          – The second idea would be to change stat mods: instead of being a +/- scale based around 0, have it be the X+ on the extra dice of the roll needed to add a +1 to the final result. For example, taking into account that the regular scale with characters usually went from -2 to +3 (I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything outside those ranges except GRELs), you could make it go “No +1s”, 6+, 5+, 4+, 3+, 2+. Maybe, I don’t know.
          -Lastly I was thinking on making the bonuses from equipment (Acc bonuses, Man bonuses, etc.) to be the only ones left. That would make them special and valuable.

          But as I said, I was doodling around. I haven’t really tested anything yet.

          1. Spanky_Harrison

            The only problem with bringing over the Blitz! dice system is that it doesn’t actually have a very wide range.

            It works well in Blitz!, because the primary determinant of the skill levels is the equipment. So a scale of “Good (3+) -> Average (4+) -> Bad (5+) -> Terrible (6+)” totally works. Also, because a wargame works within a very controlled environment, it’s relatively easy to keep the dice bonuses under control.

            The problem is that in an RPG, the system has to account for both the quality of the equipment, and whatever crazy outlier capabilities the player-character has on top of that.

            It’s all well and good that the Black Mamba has a Gun and Pilot of 3+ with an average pilot in it, but what happens when you get a good pilot in it? 2+? What about a GREAT pilot?

            As it stands, the Blitz! alpha dice system just cant stretch to cover a wide enough range of capability to work for an RPG.

            I suppose one possible solution would be to simply make characteristics work like skill levels in Blitz! and just have three levels: Below Average (6+) -> Average (5+) -> Above Average (4+).

            Then you could rate equipment on roughly the same scale, with good equipment giving you a positive shift, average equipment giving no shift, and bad equipment giving a negative shift.

            That would probably work, but it doesn’t have much granularity.

            Honestly, I think the best option would be to change the Silhouette dice system to have a wider range of results independent of bonuses, (by changing to d10’s or something) and to loosen the relationship between accuracy and damage on weapons so that there can be some actual choice in how to approach combat other than “high accuracy and maneuver, everything else is irrelevant”.

          2. Spanky_Harrison

            Since one of the things that was listed as a Plus for silhouette is that it uses d6’s, I assume that changing to a larger die type is a nogo.

            But what about this:

            Skill checks, instead of being “roll (skill)d6, take the best, add modifiers” what if it was “roll (skill+1)d6, take the best two and add them, and then add modifiers”

            This would grow the range of the variable portion of the skill check while still using d6’s. It also has the secondary benefit of making non-skilled rolls much more intuitive. (skill 0 means you only get 1d6+mods instead of 2d6)

            Of course, the thresholds would need to be adjusted, and either damage multipliers would need to be reduced, or all damage thresholds would need to go up by 50-100%, since this would result in larger MoS’s.

            Honestly, I like that idea enough, and it should be easy enough to implement, I might just do that anyway…

      2. Marras

        It’s great to see HG RPG getting some proper attention after such a long time. I will definitely keep an eye on this site.

        If you are planning to take a look at bonuses, here’s my suggestion that I have used in my own home game. Why not use attribute as a limiter to how much equipment bonuses can be used for roll. For example a pilot with +3 attribute is piloting a Cheetah with +2 man. Currently those two bonuses would be added together to sum of +5. In my system it would only be +2 because although pilot is very talented he is still limited by the capabilities of his Gear. On the other hand if pilot has only +1 as attribute he would only have +1 total because even with a nice piece of machinery that Cheetah is the pilot is not talented enough to handle it to it’s optimal performance.

        This makes pilots at least as important as their equipment and it lessens some of the modifier creep.

        Having said this, I have only played limited amount of HG and Silhouette in general and didn’t notice this problem then.

  3. Jeremy

    I think it is amazing that you will return to the RPG timeline from so long ago. Storybook 5 ends with the Utopians bringing a lot of forces to fight in the CEFs main staging area of Caprice. Is that where the storyline will pick up from? I would love to see what happens for the potentially epic stories involving young GRELs, such as Derek and Tara.

    Also, I hope that the awful Earth book from 3E is more or less retconned. Some kind of clear theme for the CEF would be nice. Are they Soviets, corporate types, Nazis, etc?

    On the War for Terra Nova, there are some thoughts that the CEF troops listed in Blitz are already too few to conquer the planet. Having them invade with even fewer troops may not be such a good idea from the viewpoint of realism.

    1. Post

      Some of the older material will likely get retconned or fleshed out with more depth. I definitely want to tell the story of the heroes and villains from the setting, but instead of storyline books we’re looking at doing that in the form of novellas, anthologies, and other forms of fiction. I think their stories will be better served in that format than the storyline books. The War for Terra Nova in the RPG will look significantly different from Blitz, it will also extend out into the other colonies. Some key players that haven’t been revealed yet will be making their presence finally known to the Heavy Gear RPG.

    2. Albertorius

      “On the War for Terra Nova, there are some thoughts that the CEF troops listed in Blitz are already too few to conquer the planet. Having them invade with even fewer troops may not be such a good idea from the viewpoint of realism.”

      Really? Hm. IIRC, if anything I felt the CEF invasion numbers were waay too overkill. I’d have to take a look at it again, it seems.

      1. Jeremy

        I forget the exact discussions about the size of the CEF invasion force on the DP9 forums. The 1st edition RPG corebook has 72 divisions for the AST and 48 divisions for the CNCS in addition, presumably, to landnaval, air and space forces. The Northern Guard Army List said 31 divisions were sent to the Badlands and the AST in TN 1936, so the 1st edition numbers are about right. Anyway, roughly 120 divisions defending requires presumably more on offense, not to mention the serious supply issues with an invasion (all those hover tanks need fuel, replacement parts and missiles). Conquering Terra Nova using conventional forces requires a lot of troops given the high level of militarization of the local populations.

        1. Albertorius

          Yes and no. Yes, the polar armed forces had 48 northern divisions and 82 southern legions. But of those, only 17 divisions and 25 legions are not reserve units. Even then, those same sources defined the total terranovan armed forces in around 56.000 Gears, 11.600 vehicles and about 22.720 infantry squads (so about a quarter of a million infantrymen). Let’s say that was only for the NorGuard and MILICIA, and the actual numbers for the whole poles are double that. And let’s ignore attrition from the Interpolar War. That would leave as about 112k Gears, about 23k vehicles and around half a million infantrymen (also, terranovan population is actually very tiny).

          The CEF started the new war landing 2,25 million troops. And IIRC had double as much in orbit. I’d say that 4 times as much troops as the whole planet’s armed forces are about as overwhelming as it gets, and that’s not counting orbital reinforcements.

          1. Jeremy

            The statement about reserve forces is not found in any product I am familiar with. It also directly contradicts the Southern Republic Army List, the most detailed army list in print. The SR has 36 legions and four fleets and none of these soldiers are in the reserve. Doing some nerdy calculations using the book gives roughly 59,000 infantrymen, 47,000 gears and 22,000 tanks and other cavalry vehicles in the 36 legions of the SRA. So your numbers for the entire planet seem way off.

          2. Albertorius


            The MILICIA book states that in times of peace it’s composed of about 25 legions (specifically, 12 to 14 infantry legions, 6 cavalry legions and 6 to 8 border legions). The SRA book states that it’s composed of 36 combate legions (doesn’t state type, although it says they have more than 750k troopers… which clashes completely with the stated facts that say that an infantry legion is composed of about 20 troopers, less for armored ones. That would mean about 720k troops if the whole SRA was composed of infantry units). THe NorGuard book also states about 17 divisions in peacetime.

            Seeing that, I guess the source I saw was defining “reserves” for the NorGuard and the MILICIA as “units from the rest of the leagues”, and the books (or at least the SRA one) seem to be conflating combat troops with support personnel (because the numbers are nuts otherwise).

            The file I have states the following:

            Northern Guard consists of 17(+31 Reserve) Divisions (45 Infantry Regiments, 77 Gear Regiments, and 63 Armored Regiments)
            Southern MILICIA consists of 25(+57 Reserve) Legions (71 Infantry Regiments, 147 Gear Regiments, and 82 Cavalry Regiments)

            Gear Regiment is 240 Gears + Support Company + Headquarters Section
            Infantry Regiment is 192 Squads + 4 Support Companies + 4 Headquarters Sections
            Cavalry/Armored Regiment is 80 Vehicles OR 48 Striders & 32 Gears + Support Company + Headquarters Section
            Support Company is 120 Technicians

          3. Jeremy

            This is in response to Albertorius’s comment on 3/18. Yes, your source file, probably based on the first edition rulebook, mistakenly lists the league armies as “reserve” forces, when they are far from part time soldiers, especially for the SRA, WFPA, NAF and UMFA. Indeed, the SRA and the UMFA are the highest-end armies in the poles in terms of equipment.

            North: In the first edition rulebook, there were numbers for the Northern Guard (17 divisions) and the entire North (48 divisions), so 48-17=31 was the sum of the NAF, WFPA and UMFA divisions (the Northern Guard Army List caused confusion by retconning the Northern Guard to be made of mostly regiments temporarily transferred from league armies). The UMF league book says the UMFA has 10 line divisions and fleets (a draft of the never published UMF army book has 7 divisions and three fleets). So it all adds up.

            The first edition rulebook says 25 legions for the MILICIA and 72 legions for the entire South, which is consistent with the 36 legions in the larger SRA in the Southern Republic Army List (written by the same author, Gene Marcil). The MILICIA Army lists restates the 25 legions. The subordinate southern leagues (ESE, HA and MD) were originally said to have quite small forces without many tanks, jets, etc, but that got retconned to some degree in Blitz. But even the ESE, HA and MD guys are not reserve units in the sense of part-time soldiers.

  4. Jeffrey Finley

    Using the old timeline should be interesting. I’m eager to see what you do with the source books and any changes from the storyline books you make.
    To add to what Jeremy said about CEF forces on Terra Nova, regardless of what changes you make in terms of their numbers, shadow war type stories are more appropriate for most rpg groups anyway.
    Though since Peace River is gone in both story lines, the CEF troop needs may be lessened if there are no wild cards on Terra Nova to oppose them. Paxton and the PRDF would be forced to play the shadow war wherever possible.

    Very exciting, guys!

    1. Post

      One big thing in RPGs is that the players should be the the heroes of the story (or villains depending on perspectives). The metaplot should be there as a canvas for the Gamemaster to drop the characters into not really something to rigidly adhere to. We will be touching more in depth on this in our blogs, but the plan is to have sourcebooks categorized by specific times with the Inter-Polar War to Black Talon periods being the default. The War for Terra Nova will take place later on the timeline and the events will be significantly different with plenty of opportunities for players to insert themselves into trouble. Any major fiction involving major non-player characters like Miranda Petite and the Jarak Twins will have their story told in our fiction mediums (novellas, anthologies, etc..). The current plan is to have these major time periods: Late Ice Age Crusades (Kir Arya and the time of the Prime Knights), Exploration & Colonization Period (Concordat Era), Chaos in the Colonies (Birth of the Leagues), Rise of the Gear (Merchant Wars/St. Vincent’s War), War of the Alliance (includes the border war/Judas Syndrome build up), Interpolar War to Black Talons, and finally War for Terra Nova and the Colonies in Conflict. Some supplements might be specific to that time period and will be labeled as such. Initially our concentration will be in the InterPolar War to War for Terra Nova Period, but our long term goal is to full explore the Heavy Gear Universe.

      1. Albertorius

        Nice. One thing I’d love to see, though, would be more material similar to the old Storyline books. Those were a veritable trove of peripheral setting info perfect to spice up a campaign with newsflashes, “meanwhile in the Badlands” stuff and generally to make the setting feel a lot more alive in a campaign. I’d love to see more of that. Also, they were very good to get handouts for the RPG, too.

  5. Rhoderic

    Love to see more Heavy Gear background & storyline material, regardless of timeline.

    Any plans to expand on the Black Talon program and the colonies which the old RPG material never really touched? Or is the storyline “moving on” from the Black-Talons-on-other-colonies period to refocus on Terra Nova again, with the WfTN?

    1. Post

      Absolutely! We definitely want to see the other colonies that were barely touched get fully realized. Even some of the existing colonies will be revisited, updated, and to some degree revised.

      1. Albertorius

        Personally, it feels to me that the colonies should probably be mostly completely redesigned. Most of the stuff about them is either uninspired, badly written or rehashed. It would be a perfect time to do them good.

        1. Jeremy

          The population density figures for Caprice need to be revised. There is no need to live in hugely tall towers in a territory (the canyon) at least the size of Japan. Also, the rebels on Caprice were never very interesting and it was hard to see how the CEF could be a threat to Terra Nova without being able to utterly annihilate some rebels on Caprice. The corporations on Caprice were fairly bland.

          Utopia I had few issues with, more or less, except that huge underground cities built right before a nuclear war always are a bit implausible. The vehicles could be cooler, although I suspect that the RPG will keep the same vehicles as Blitz in order to use the same miniatures.

          The Atlantis book was a bit silly. Eden was completely unrelated to the rest of the HG universe and might as well be scrapped. A crude satire of the Catholic church is probably a bad direction to go for New Jerusalem.

          I am happy to read more about the colonies, but they need to be done with as much care as the Terra Nova leagues for the colonies to be interesting.

          1. Rhoderic

            In regard to the population density of Gomorrah and the sizes of opposing armed forces discussed elsewhere in this comments section, as well as some other things like NuCoal’s amazing population boom in the Blitz timeline (which will maybe, maybe not, be mirrored to some extent in the revised RPG timeline) or the population of Peace River (which always seemed a little paltry to me) , I would honestly prefer for the whole numbers-and-figures aspect of the background material to recede into the distance. Better (IMHO) to define cities, armies, etc in terms of “big”, “relatively big”, “enormous” and so forth, and modulate the impression of size, population density, military prowess, etc in colour text, than to use actual, precise numbers. There will probably always be inconsistencies in any version/timeline of the HG universe, but to me this is fine considering that it’s really all about conveying a certain kind of mood and ambience, that of a world which is quite unreal at its core. Using precise numbers tends to shine too stark a light on the inconsistencies, and trying to correct the inconsistencies tends to just move the problems around. So, more “mood lighting”, please!

            For the sake of full disclosure: Although I’m an aficionado (and money-spending consumer) of the RPG background material, I don’t actually play the RPG. So take that into account when considering what I say.

  6. Oscar

    Great news for me. Now all my old house rules will work. I’ll have to dig up my “skunk works” rules to test on your new rules. – To Peace

  7. Mark Perre

    Guys I’m super jazzed. I haven’t played a RPG since the late 80s-early 90s When I played Dungeons and Dragons in the 5 box sets. Red Basic, Blue Expert, Don’t remember what green was, Black was armies I believe and gold was awesome if you had a character live long enough to god status. I didn’t play any of the previous HG RPGs so I will be able to look at this new RPG with new eyes not knowing the old rules set makes it a perfect game for me to start playing with my RPG group. We have a good amount of players looking forward to the HG RPG.

  8. John Nguyen

    Can’t wait to see the fruit of such great minds.

    Also, I made room on my painting desk for 28mm Gears.

    Best of luck,

    John Nguyen, former Colonel.

  9. Iain McGregor

    My main concerns with 2e is too many stats, too many skills and too lethal. While I think backwards compatibility sounds great, I already have that stuff and 2e rule books aren’t that hard to come by, you could be competing against old stock still in the channel.

    As for alternate dice mechanics because of ridiculous modifiers… I suggest looking at Technoir. Rather than straight adders and subtraction to the highest dice, like the new Star Wars RPG you get bonus and penalty dice. Penalty dice cancel dice of the same value.

    Still looking forward to 28mm Gears.


  10. Jacob Yarce

    I love all of the ideas and I am more than a little excited for the expansion of the story line. I just hope that in the process of expanding and returning the universe to the “Hard Science” fiction setting we do not forget some of the technological advances that the Second CEF assault and that this whole story line has brought with it.

    In particular, there is one piece of technology that by itself has the potential to completely revolutionize the setting in the aftermath of the second CEF assault and going forwards.

    I am talking about the miniaturized jump drive that was created using recent breakthroughs in tanhauser gate theory and captured CEF insertion Pods. If taken to its logical extension it would make the entire universe (and more immediately and importantly the southern and northern forces+ whatever allies they feel they can entrust this technology with) significantly less dependent and limited by the gate ships.

    Simply put with a micro drive any ship can enter and use even the recently discovered 3rd grade micro gates. While gate ships would still be of great importance, the reliance and need for them would become almost moot as any ship could transition any of the known gates on its own power and at its own discretion.

    In this instance gate ships would be primarily used for the transition of large groups of ships in a quick manner, but even during a retreat a fleet could retreat at its own discretion even where the gate ship to be destroyed.

    Furthermore this device, which is small enough to be used even on a ship as small as a Fury class vessel could be scaled up and installed in any ship in the fleet. For reference a Fury class intrasystem ship is 120m long, while the average destroyer of either the North or the South is 90m long. In other words, this device will revolutionize the entire heavy gear setting in the years to come one way or another.

  11. A.0 (Boris)

    My wife and I just are working on a 28 mm HG Chess game… when the party get together the minis are used to birng the tactical feeling to the combat.
    I don’t know if i’ll change the bonus system, i’ll consider a better system to keep track of those pluses/minuses.
    What happens to “complexity”, i think it’s a little hard to include at the beginning, but… are you going to keep it?

  12. Dyne

    Very good news!!

    Career Ladder is nice addition and the timeline expansion was a great idea. But… what a pity you don’t use the SilCORE complexity system, it just needs to be clarified :/

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