Rumble in the Jungle

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One of the main points of this site is to allow you to check the progress on our projects. The above graphic displays three projects currently in development and the approximate completion of work on the two main parts of the work that needs to be done. Of course, writing and art are very general terms which are umbrellas for many things. Writing includes drafts, proof-reading, testing, and copy editing. Art includes design concepts, illustration, graphic design, layouts, 3D modelling, sculpting, painting, and photography in various states of completion and polish.

Why are we opening a window onto our process?

Because we don’t want to leave you in the dark while we take the time we think is needed to produce the product we hope you will want.

And now to announce our first release, which is currently in the copy editing phase and is tentatively scheduled to be released as an eBook and Print-on-Demand paperback near the end of April.

S.I.U. Black Ops Vol. 1: Rumble in the Jungle

Fiction-Rumble-in-the-Jungle-Thumb300pxby Nigel Wong

Trouble has a name…

In the aftermath of the War of the Alliance, renegade members of the defeated Earth invasion forces wreak havoc in the border jungles of the Southern Republic. Ambition and megalomania fuels Proust, a genetically engineered super soldier, and his visions of a new country under his leadership. Capturing nuclear material, Proust plans to threaten his enemies with an unthinkable attack. Only the Special Intervention Unit, a new Southern black ops force created in the aftermath of the War of the Alliance, stands between Proust and his quest for ascendancy. Does the team drawn from the underbelly of South have what it takes to take on soldiers cloned for war?
In addition to the first Heavy Gear Universe novella, Rumble in the Jungle, the book includes a bonus short story, Roskiman’s Story, by Brian O’Connor. Soldier Roskiman, once a loyal member of Proust’s band, flees into the Badland’s desert with his lover, Zaya, a member of the mysterious Koresh tribes. Roskiman finds unlikely allies and dangerous enemies, while struggling with his emerging humanity. Will he survive the harsh deserts and enemies, or will he be overcome by his own doubts?
GregRumble in the Jungle

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      Hi Paolo,

      It will be available as both an eBook and a printed book. We will be selling it through where you can purchase the eBook and/or order a printed copy of the book.

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  1. Jeremy

    If you guys are going to keep previous canon as canon and not reconn things, you need to do better homework. The Special Intervention Unit was founded in TN 1919, 16 TN cycles (11 Earth years) before Operation Jungle Drums happens in TN 1935. The reference is Operation Jungle Drums 2nd edition page 28. One would normally not describe the unit as “newly created” without adding context (i.e., it is new compared to the founding of the MILICIA itself in TN 1695). Sorry for being picky!

    I don’t know if I will buy this. I like the “nonfiction” style of game books more than traditional fiction set in game universes. Maybe I will skim read it just for the plot. I bought the original Jungle Drums (with the the GM screen, I believe) in 1994 or 1995 so there are some memories here. And Roskiman will eventually be important for just what the hell is going on with the Sand Riders. Of course I thought he would eventually be important twenty years ago when I bought the original Jungle Drums!

    1. Jason

      @Jeremy, I updated the text to clarify the newness of the unit. It’s fair critique. Compared to the Legion Noire and its MILICIA auxiliary forces, the SIU is definitely new, since it was formed after the War of the Alliance and has had only a few notable operations before Operation Jungle Drums.

      With print on demand and e-books, we can finally offer Heavy Gear fiction in official novel, novella, and anthology formats, which is something the setting has been lacking since its inception. We realize that this product won’t be for everybody, but we hope you check it out. In addition to the traditional fiction, the books will have an appendix with write ups on major characters, locations, and behind the scenes geopolitical insights along with a glossary of terms for people new to the Heavy Gear Universe.

      1. Jeremy

        Thanks for making the change! Tell you what, I will buy the Rumble in the Jungle book and make a decision on future fiction anthologies based on it. Are you aware of the title’s reference to a 1974 boxing match sponsored by the former dictator of Zaire/Congo, Mobuto? Such a wasteful spectacle would be a bitter fit for the ESE than the border of the SR. πŸ™‚

        1. Jason

          Who hasn’t heard of Rumble in the Jungle? πŸ˜€ I figured it was appropriate for the title considering it’s ties with the original Jungle Drums adventure and it does introduce two heavy weights of the Heavy Gear Universe (see what I did there? πŸ˜‰ ). Thanks for committing to checking it out! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

  2. Bricker

    This is exciting news. So is this THE Brian O’Connor? The guy who portrayed the doomed leader Olsen?

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  3. Dave D

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting anything from you guys so soon! That’s amazing!

    It would be great to see something akin to the black & white illustrations in the original RPG sourcebooks in these or future books. The art back in the day really helped pull me into the HG universe πŸ™‚

  4. Eric

    Any updates on when we will be able to get Rumble in the Jungle? It is June 1st…

    Not pushing, just looking forward to it.

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