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Hi everyone,

To update you on Rumble in the Jungle, it’s still in post production. There are a few back-end items that we’re still setting up but Rumble in the Jungle should be ready sometime after I get back from a conference I’m attending in Montreal this week.

And here’s a little teaser to thank you for bearing with us as we get our first product ready. It’s the map that will be included in the book which is a thoroughly rebuilt and refreshed* version of the map that originally appeared in Operation Jungle Drums in 1995. The contour map and the satellite style map should give game masters and players a lot to work with if they decide to pick up a copy of Operation Jungle Drums after reading Rumble in the Jungle.

To address any cartography experts’ question as to why I kept the north-is-down orientation of the map, I felt that it was a reflection of the character of the Southern Republic where they would set the Southern hemisphere as the top of the world. Additionally, the area north of the fork between the Ogadog and the Nob rivers represents an area that feeds into the MacAllen Network (Terran Novan underground rivers).

Also, a happy belated May the 4th to everyone!

The setting map for Operation Jungle Drums from 1995 compared to the rebuilt maps for Rumble in the Jungle.

*No spice weasels were harmed when this map was kicked up a notch.

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  1. Jonathan [Thu'Ook]

    Looking good! I really like the look. You can always say that the 1995 map is a view of the area through night vision cameras. Keep it up guys! 🙂

    1. Post

      The existing map was great for just letting your imagination fill in the blanks which means it was interpreted differently be each game master. I took some liberties in updating it, but kept the key locations and layouts the same. I hope that the additional detail will prompt an even deeper interpretation of the map by the players and GMs, like what lies below.

  2. Rhoderic

    Very cool, looks like a lot of effort went into it. Was some sort of high-end map creation program used? All those contour lines are a world of detail in themselves.

    Come to think of it, perhaps an unobtrusive map legend defining the elevation increase represented by each contour line could be a worthwile addition.

    I’m also trying to figure out how realistic or stylized the rivers are on the map. Does it make sense for the White River to be roughly 7.5-10 kilometers wide? My ignorance of limnology and potamology (especially in regard to tropical rivers) is evident, here. Wikipedia would have it that the Amazon is between 1.6 and 10 km wide at low stage but can be 48 km or wider during wet season. But would such a river be a single, neat “band” of water like the White River is represented in these maps, or more of a “braidwork” of narrower waterways with islands making up most of the width? Or is it simply the case that the rivers in this map are depicted as wider than they are for stylistic effect?

    1. Post

      The maps were created with photoshop using the regular set of filters and brushes. What is required to create the contour map is knowledge of how to paint a depth map, how they work, and an understanding of how the ‘find edges’ filter works. Then it’s a knowledge of how to use that same depth map as a masking tool to add the layers of colour.

      Typically at 1:5000000, a contour map’s elevation interval would be 500m, but I feel that 100m is more appropriate for the level of detail shown.

      When it comes to the river, I don’t know how it was developed by the original authors, however, given the unusual condition created by Terra Nova’s MacAllen Network, I think a lot of Terran rules of thumb might not apply.

    1. Post

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