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Fiction-Rumble-in-the-Jungle-Thumb300pxArkrite Press is happy to announce that our first book is on sale now. Get it here!*

Follow the adventures of Jan Augusta and his unit as they track the elusive, deadly, vat-grown super soldier Colonel Proust through the jungles of the Terranovan badlands in this first Heavy Gear novella. Then join Soldier Roskiman on his trek into the desert to discover his fate, in the bonus short story, Roskiman’s Tale.

Available from Drivethrurpg.com you’ll have a choice of a digital purchase ($4.99) or paperback and digital bundle ($7.99). The following formats are included in your purchase:

    • PDF
    • MOBI
    • EPUB

Two additional PDFs are included as part of both options, the topography map and the satellite map detailed in the story.

*Please note that the paperback bundle is now available for sale.

We hope you enjoy the book and we would love to hear your feedback.


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  1. Andy

    Hi guys
    Quick note to say that I really like that you’re including epub and mobi formats, keep doing so 🙂
    The new character art brings a “new and improved” vibe for the new millenium, rather than just reprinting the old artwork.
    Looking good if the cover’s anything to go by!

  2. Rhoderic

    So… I hate to be a spoilsport… I mean, I REALLY don’t want to be the bearer of bad news… but… ah, how to break this gently? Well, in your updated map, you seem to have defined the length of one degree of longitude at the equator as approximately 11 km, when it should be 108 km (given the fact that Terra Nova’s diameter has been defined as 12420 km). Were it 11 km, the circumference of Terra Nova would only be a little under 4000 km, the distance from New York to Los Angeles. That’s the size of a small moon. There is – I kid you not – an unnamed object in our solar system slightly larger than that. The gravity would be approximately 1/33rd that of Earth.

    The circumference should be one order of magnitude larger than that: 39000 km.

    I’m probably failing to break this gently 🙂

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      1. Rhoderic

        That’s good to hear. I was thinking it might be in print already.

        I like what I’m seeing otherwise. Don’t think I’ve seen that exact version of the cylindrical projection map before (but I could be wrong). The foothills of the Badlands portion of the Pacifica Range are looking a bit more verdant than they’ve appeared in other maps, which is intriguing. The old Badlands sourcebook did mention that the area is excellent for cawfee plantations, so it still feels quite congruent with old, established facts.

        The stories themselves, I will endeavour to read this evening.

        1. Nate

          Looks like they are doing POD with this. If you are not familiar with the concept you order a print copy from Drivethrurpg and they print the copy and mail it to you.

          Takes longer to get but avoids warehousing costs.

          1. Rhoderic

            I’m familiar, and remembered after posting. I just got turned around momentarily by the talk about having to approve the print copy beforehand.

  3. Roberto

    Well done! As an HG fan, I’ve found the story and the writing smooth and engaging, similar in tone to the narratives snippets in the old manuals, but with a robust identity of is own.

    Now I can hardly wait for the rpg material to roll out.

    Still, I have the feeling that the narrative could have benefited from more descriptions of gears, vistas and characters, to help non-fan of HG in understanding and visualizing the story.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Post
        1. Post

          Oh man, I’m sorry about this guys, I have no idea why the link isn’t working. The second proof was approved and the submit for sale button was activated last week. It looks like it’s stuck in a cue again. We sent an email to Drivethru again yesterday, so hopefully they will take notice and approve the book for sale.

          I will update you with any news we get from Drivethru.

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  4. Bill

    I see that I put this in the wrong place before. I’ll just put it here, where it belongs.

    It was an interesting diversion for about an hour–editing errors aside (page 35 of the ebook has a glaring error). Roskiman’s Tale was actually the better of the two, in my opinion. So much can happen in the Jungle Drums scenario . . . yet . . . so little did.

    I would rather have seen more of the characters’ personalities come out in the story as opposed to being told what was going on. It made sense for Roskiman to tell us how he felt as he was new to a lot of the emotions in his situation. In comparison, we were just informed of Jan Augusta’s observations and told he was an expert on reading people. We were told about their emotions but not shown them.

    All in all, I give it 3 out of 5 stars. A good first attempt. Needs work, but definitely the right steps in the right direction. Looking forward to more novellas.

    1. Wouter

      I agree with Bill.
      The characters in the first story were too shallow in my opinion, and the story had too many unexpected twists and turns.
      There was also very little drama build up.
      Shame, the setting was good and the characters seemed very interesting when first presented.
      I like the second story, if only there had been more room for conversations. Like the dealings with the Desert Wolves and the first meeting with the Koreshi. Now it is told as if it is from a somewhat distant memory.

      The book is not bad, but not great either.
      But I look forward too the next volume.

  5. Dale Blakey

    Hi Guys

    I was wondering if you have any plans to submit these books to the Apple iTunes or Amazon Kindle stores?

    I would personally like to hold off having to have another account for my books if possible.


    1. Post

      Hi Dale,
      Currently we have an exclusive deal with DrivethruRPG. So we don’t have any immediate plans to add our content to the apple store or amazon. I hope that doesn’t stop you from checking out our products.

      1. Dale Blakey

        Thanks for the reply Greg.

        I would have preferred to not have to create a new store account but, I will to give your books a go.


  6. Steven Carroll

    It has been 3 months since the last update. Any chance we can get another one soon with some info about how the project is coming along? About to buy the book myself, I’ve been looking forward to it!

    1. Post

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