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Welcome back to Arkana, the Arkrite blog.

We’ve been on hiatus over the summer, but rest assured work continues on Heavy Gear Universe.


If you were at GenCon, and had a discriminate eye, you might have noticed a tiny poster—tiny, but great. It featured Arkrite Press’ first new artwork of a Heavy Gear, and fittingly, it’s a true classic, the HACS-01MG-MP Hunter. For those wondering who created this gorgeous new version of the Hunter, I’m pleased to introduce you to Shannon Goldsmith, a 3D modeler with some serious chops. You’ll be seeing more of his detailed work in the coming months.


In addition to licensing the exclusive rights to develop and publish the Heavy Gear RPG, Arkrite Press also licensed the right to produce 28mm scale Heavy Gear models and figures. We still have a long way to go in terms of prototyping and figuring out the logistics of delivering these models to fans of Heavy Gear, but if we can pull it off, we hope the Hunter will be one of our first model kits. The model kit projects are still a long way from becoming a reality, but we’ll have some other stuff for you in the meantime.

We’ve got a few more novellas lined up before we launch the 20th Anniversary Edition of Heavy Gear, and Jason will let you know a bit more about how that’s going next week. Please keep checking back in with us as we’re getting  some goodies ready for those who have been eagerly anticipating the RPG.

GregArkana Returns

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  1. Michael "LORD EFFING CRAZY MIKE" Dupray

    Sweet! the proportions are not to my (personal) liking but its still damn good looking. (narrower torso is what I’d prefer)

    Aside from that, I love the idea of 28mm figs, esp gears! would a scale cataphract be out of the question? Actually screw the Cat, give me the redesigned Warrior IVs!!!!!

  2. Albertorius

    I’m happy with the torso’s proportions, personally (the pilot besides the gear would have a hard time fitting in otherwise, but I think I’d shorten the hips a bit. I’d probably alao readd the old lower arms’ sensors, both to actually keep them and to add a bit of detail to it, as it feels a bot empty. Also, as cool as it looks, I’d probably think about doing the NorGuard stenciled name as off color, same way as you’ve done with the number and logo, or with a less… bright, color, at least.

  3. Wouter Wolput

    This is great news! Recently someone on the HG forums wanted to see a change too 28mm. This will probably attract quite a lot of players.
    Also, the artwork looks fine too me.

    Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  4. michel

    Old fan of (old) Heavy Gear here.
    Following your work with interest.
    What does it mean 28 mm scale? If pilots and infantry are of such height, are the gear models going to be 10 cm high or so?
    I’m personally still in love with the old 1/87 scale… 🙂

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