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Heavy Gear 20th Anniversary RPG and Test Pilot Program

Skunkwerks-Heavy-Gear-Test-Pilot-patch-500pxProgress on the roleplaying game continues and I’m currently working on the technology section of the book. In the vein of Terra Nova Technology, this section will showcase the variety of engineering and scientific developments on Terra Nova, but it will also include technology from Earth’s past and present as well as a sampling of other colonial technology.

A big section that I am also currently working on polishing and finishing is the core rules section of the book. Greg and I are exploring ways of improving presentation and visual aids for the section to make the game easy to learn and teach. Once the core rules section is finished, our plan is to release a Beta version for player feedback and development.

As part of this core rules launch, we will be starting the Heavy Gear Test Pilot Program. Joining the program has a number of benefits including a custom patch only available as part of the program, early stage access to the playtester forums, and exclusive offers. In addition, members of the Test Pilot Program will be credited in the playtesters section on books they worked on. Lastly Test Pilot members will receive a discount on the final product.

As part of the product development, we will have monthly revisions based on feedback and a change log posted with the update. More information on how to join the Test Pilot Program will be released the closer we are to releasing the beta. Stay tuned!


Future Novellas

Our first novella, Rumble in the Jungle was just the beginning of our novella range. Our next book is set during the War of the Alliance and follows the exploits of the Northern Guard’s 74th Heavy Gear regiment, the Nova Riders, as they fight to the bitter end against the invading Earth forces. The story is fantastic and is currently going through early stage editing before we send it off for final copy editing.

In addition to the War of the Alliance era story, we have two more novellas planned. The first covers the exploits of Peace River’s gladiatorial team as they fight for glory and the bottom line, both on and off the arena. The famous semi-sentient Bowser and his pilot will be playing a central role in the story along with other Khayr ad-Din notables. The second novella in early planning stages takes place during the Ice Age Crusades. While the story takes place nearly three thousand years in the past, the events in the novella will have far reaching consequences for Terra Nova and the future of humanity.



JasonTest Pilot Program

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  1. Spencer

    So I’m sure you guys get this a lot, but I figured it can’t hurt to ask:

    Are all of your writers for the novellas in house, or do you hire freelancers? I myself am a freelancer getting ready to publish my first novella and have started work on the first book in a trilogy I want to do. I wrote a Heavy Gear story for National Novel Writing Month a few years back, and I love the setting and the world. So just going to go ahead and toss my hat into the ring here in case you’re looking for some more stuff.

  2. CJ Powell

    I’m All for this. my gaming group loves Heavy Gear and we’ve been anxiously waiting for the new rules. Count us in!

  3. Lord Effing Crazy Mike

    Whats left of us in San Diego will definately throw our lot in for this. You have my word!

  4. Jeremy

    One idea is to sell Test Pilot membership as a perk on a Kickstarter. Beta access is often part of video game Kickstarters.

  5. Jesse

    Currently in a HG campaign now and I know we would be more than willing to help out with feedback. We also participated in the D&D Next year long play test.

  6. Max

    Also been planning on starting my own HG campaign for quita a time now. Been hunting down old 2nd ed books, but would be great to start with the new rules. Been collecting miniatures as well to incorporate the tactical battles to the campaign. Can’t wait for more HG stuff and wish I could get Heavy Gear 2 to work on my PC.

  7. Michael Tirado

    I am very interested in getting to assist with the beta. I even plan to host some games with freinds to assist with the beta testing. After some light rps in 2nd ed I been so wanting a new HG rpg edition

  8. Gregory Morris

    Definitely excited to introduce my gaming group to Heavy Gear. Just let me know where to sign on what dotted line and we’ll get you some results.

  9. Chris

    Looking forward to see this, been too long sice I’ve have a good Heavy Gear campaign to sink my teeth into running.

  10. Zar

    You need to have a newsletter or something because this site isn’t updated enough for me to keep coming back to see if the Test Pilot Program has launched.

  11. Lee The Flea

    Count me in! I am running a Heavy Gear campagin right now! My group is stoked to hear a new version is coming out!!!

  12. Loconius

    Count me in!! I’m collecting everything I need to run a campaign set on earth while the colonial wars are happening, seeing what it’s like after the war but before the peace! I’d love to playtest the new rules for this sort of thing!

  13. To Peace

    Buddies of mine were talking about a Heavy Gear campaign we played a few years ago. Fond memories. Let us know what is going on and how we can help reboot this property. I sorely miss it.

  14. John Merrill

    What is the status of the Test Pilot Program? I am running a Heavy Gear Campaign on Terra Nova with a group of four to five players. I floated this program to my group back in November 2014 and they were interested in trying this. We are currently using the Heavy Gear Second Edition rules. Could you please give us a status update? Thank you for your time.

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