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Hi everyone,

We’re still here and working on Arkrite’s latest novella, Red Giants: Last Stand of the Nova Riders, written by Brandon Fero. Which longtime fans will decipher, is the story of how the 74th Norguard regiment, the Nova Riders became the Nova Redriders.

We’ve been trying to get the Test Pilot Program started but are still trying to get our patch order completed, it’s been mysteriously unprocessed by our manufacturer.

Next week we’ll feature an excerpt of Red Giants selected by the author. For now, enjoy a preview a setting map where the decisive battle between the Nova Riders and the Death Watch takes place.

Last Stand of the Nova Riders, Barrington Basin

Last Stand of the Nova Riders, Barrington Basin

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  1. Nate

    Glad to see you guys are still with us. I trust I’ll be able to pick this one up as POD as well after it’s released.

  2. Joshua Tumbry

    So excited to see Brando’s work published. Sad to heat about the test pilot program have been waiting in high anticipation as I want to be a part of it.

  3. Albertorius

    A nice story, although not something I’m personally interested in (not much for in-setting fiction, as I’ve said other times).

    Do we have any news regarding the Test Pilot program, or the RPG beta? Still waiting with baited breath.

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