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We have a short update this week. Greg and I are working on getting our online store up and running. We’ve hit a few small snags, but the store should be online about the time the Test Pilot patches arrive.  The Test Pilot patches are currently in production and should arrive sometime next week. In addition to the online store, we’re in the process of constructing the Pilot’s Lounge (Test Pilot Forums) and work continues for the draft rules.


JasonOngoing Progress

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    1. Greg

      It will be debuting this Wednesday at midnight. It took us a while to find such a simple solution but we’re happy with it now.

  1. SK Weyrell

    I just used the store to join the test pilot program, a painless experience. I’m a huge an of the IP and the 2ed RPG in particular. I have a few friends who will be very interested in getting a game together. All the best with this endeavour from Scotland!

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