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  1. Jesse

    Signed up and ready! I know the store says that Phase 1 will begin in April but I was curious as to how the materials will be obtained.

    1. Luceo

      I’m guessing they will send the material to the PayPal address and with it will come a code or something to access the forums. Just a guess though

    2. Post

      We’re trying to decide between sharing via download links we supply to the test pilots that made the purchases or a drivethrurpg link. Either way, the group leader will either have to supply us with the emails of the additional group members or distribute the material to the group.

  2. Zar

    I seriously hate the idea of adding Classes to Heavy Gear. One of the best things about the Silhouette system to me is that it wasn’t a class system. I hope you will consider dropping this idea if enough Test Pilots speak up about it.

      1. Jason

        The core rules support free form character creation, but career paths will be making an appearance in the GM Tool Kit section for Gamemasters and players, who want a more structured growth path. The GM Tool Kit will be a section composed of rules options and GM specific world building advice and tools.

    1. Jason

      Right now, just a Paypal notice. We will be sending out a email to all Test Pilots when we launch the forum.

  3. Albertorius

    I’m not sold on “classes” either but really, it will all depend on implementation and on how mandatory they are. Personally I’d have them as optional or at least removable (because there are people that will simply not touch a system with classes). I can’t comment on the rest because right now we now nothing, but the “classes” from JC2E worked well enough.

    …is it april yet? 😛

    1. Jason

      The class system is going to be an option for those that want a more structured growth path, but the new rules will let you build characters without classes too. It’s Heavy Gear. You should be able to have an ace Gear pilot who used to be a chief surgeon in Port Oasis and moonlighted as an engineer at Territorial Arms on the weekend. The initial rules release in the test pilot program will actually be testing free form character creation. The career paths will show up a little later.

      1. Zar

        Who exactly would actually want to use the option of classes? It doesn’t make sense to have an option to pigeonhole characters to one path. Just seems like a waste of the developers time. I would much rather they work on how to make balanced tactical and strategic encounters. How to quickly make NPCs and creatures is also important to me. Also advice on how to create conflict in a world where there are thousands of miles between settlements. All of these are much more important to me than class options that I feel no one would use.

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