Intro to Phase One of the Test Pilot Program and and update on the Pilot Lounge

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Hi Test Pilots!

The following information is a quick introduction to what to expect during Phase One period of the Test Pilot Program. Just a quick update on the Pilot Lounge, we were shooting for a release tonight, but we’re still working on getting it up and running. For those of you waiting on the emails, don’t worry you have not missed our email. When we post that the Pilot Lounge is live, we will be doing a mass email with the invite and log on instructions. Be thinking of your pilot handle for the forums, it just might get immortalized in print! More about that down the road.

Phase 1 Test Pilot Program

Program Contents

During development, written material in testing will not be in final layout format, but in a simple text format. As the phases get locked down, the files will be sent out for copy editing and lay out. This will allow the material to be more easily altered for testing. The test material will be updated at least once a month based on feedback provided in the Pilot Lounge.

Phase 1 of the Test Pilot Program includes the following files:

Core Rules

Character Creation Rules


Perk & Flaws

Adventure Path 1: Hunting Pack (This will be released two weeks after initial release)


Pilot Lounge

The Pilot Lounge is a forum for all Test Pilots to use. We will be posting rough drafts of the rules for constructive feedback, and as we lock down a phase more material will be released for additional feedback. As Test Pilots, you will have a direct impact on the development of the rules. Just like a Badland’s cantina, we do expect that there will be some heated debate, but we ask that pilots keep the discussion civil. Please refrain from throwing virtual bottles and flipping virtual tables.


Giving Feedback

When giving feedback, please use the Pilot Lounge. There are multiple categories set up for feedback. If you don’t find a category that fits your feedback, use the General Feedback thread. This will help us quickly sort through and reference back to feedback.


Quick Character Conversion from 1st & 2nd Edition

For those veteran players wanting to run their old characters under the new system, the conversion rules are listed below.

Attributes- The attribute calculations for characters have largely remained the same, though the function of stats has changed.

Secondary Attributes- Have seen some changes, but the net total should be the same as 1st & 2nd edition. Movement is calculated differently. Use the new skill total for Athletics not the original skill total for calculating Movement.

Movement (MOV)

Movement is the distance a character can cover in a round. The base level Movement Attribute represents the number of yards a character can move in a normal run during a round. To calculate a jog or combat movement, halve the Movement Attribute. To calculate an all-out run double the MOV Attribute. To calculate a character’s movement, add the Fitness Attribute and Athletics skill to ten for your all-out Movement attribute.

Skills- For skills that match the entry in the skill section simply double the skill level for the new skill level. For a complex skill, you will need to multiply the amount by four and spread the points between basic and expert skills. You will need access to the Skill file to see the difference between basic and expert skills.

Background- Characters will get a minimum of ten points for backgrounds. Some of these background perks are formerly listed as a perk. Characters that purchased these background traits as perks, may get a points refund and apply the points to the appropriate background trait, any remaining points can be used on skills or additional perks.

Perks & Flaws- The costs of these have remained the same, but the effects may have changed. Check the entries in the character creation section to update your perks and flaws.

JasonIntro to Phase One of the Test Pilot Program and and update on the Pilot Lounge

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  1. Matt Robertson

    So, you haven’t sent the emails yet? I just want to make certain that it didn’t get stuck in my spam filter and miss it!

    1. Post

      Don’t worry. We will be doing a big post letting everybody know that the emails to join have gone out. If you don’t see it after that point then contact us and we’ll get you in.

  2. Zaran

    Is there a new projected date on when the forum will open and the email sent? What’s the hold up? Are you having issues making the super secret Test Pilot only forum?

  3. Jesse Hutchison

    Ahhhh! I’m going crazy with anticipation. Can we have an update on the Pilot Lounge status? Is there anything I can do to help (I have web programming experience)?

    1. Greg

      I’ll try to show you something tonight. We will aim to send out the email invites over the weekend but those will only go to the people who paid as individuals or who purchased for their groups. We still need to collect the emails of the additional test pilots within the cadres, sections, and reinforcements.

  4. Scott C.

    Hi Guys. Is there any further updates on the forum and everything? I never got an email for my individual purchase. Have my badge long ago. (it’s awesome) but haven’t seen any further updates here, so i thought I’d ask.

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