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Dear Gearheads and Test Pilots, it has been an unfortunately long time since our last post and we would like to bring you up to speed with what to expect in the next few weeks.


Status update on the rules front. The core rules will be ready to go shortly after the forum goes live. Included in the core rules are character creation, conversion rules, rpg combat mechanics, skills, merits/flaws, and an equipment locker.

Phase 1:

Playtesting in phase 1 will include an adventure module based on Brandon Fero’s excellent novella, Red Giants (see below for more details on the novella). Phase 1 playtesting will use these adventure modules to testing core rules. We are expecting Phase 1 to last roughly four months. As part of each testing phase, we will include a new adventure module to test additional and updated rules.

New Writers:

Wunji Lau (Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike ) and Brandon Fero (Red Giants, novella) have joined the team to assist in writing and rules development. We’re excited about having them formally join the team, and their contribution is greatly appreciated!

The Test Pilot Forum

The private Test Pilot forum is on its way, you can check out the page here: forum.arkritepress.com
We will be inviting all Test Pilot participants to the forum next week and the Phase 1 rules will be made available through the forum shortly thereafter.

Red Giants

Last Stand of the Nova Riders is still incoming and additionally, it will become the basis for the Test Pilot Phase 1 Adventure Module. Set during the events of the War of the Alliance, the novel follows the Nova Riders as they battle for survival and their league’s fate.

We apologize for the radio silence and we don’t want it to happen again. If we have to go on hiatus in the future we will be sure to announce it ahead of time. Once the forum is up we hope to be in close contact with our Test Pilots on a regular basis.

Greg and Jason

GregLong Time Coming

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  1. Chis Gunter

    I am about to blast off hearing this news! I am incredibly excited about what you guys are bringing to the table. You have a fanatical follower on your hands here. lol I’m also going live with this story on all my social media. Keep up the fantastic work and never give up!

    – Chris
    Founder, ActiveRPG

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