Destination Terra Nova and Beyond

Jason Heavy Gear Universe, RPG 44 Comments

Heavy Gear has a tremendous catalog of books that detail the setting. In particular, dozens of books were published about Terra Nova, the primary setting of the RPG, which let game masters and players enjoy adventures in a rich environment. Unlike most science fiction settings, Heavy Gear initially concentrated on a single planet and eschewed the need for space travel …

JasonDestination Terra Nova and Beyond

Rumble in the Jungle

Greg Heavy Gear Universe, Project Tracking, RPG 19 Comments

One of the main points of this site is to allow you to check the progress on our projects. The above graphic displays three projects currently in development and the approximate completion of work on the two main parts of the work that needs to be done. Of course, writing and art are very general terms which are umbrellas for …

GregRumble in the Jungle

Backwards Compatibility, GM Options, and Timelines

Jason Heavy Gear Universe, RPG 34 Comments

When Greg and I¬†were discussing whether or not to do a whole new edition or go with our personal favorite system, 2nd edition¬†(2E) Silhouette, the choice was pretty obvious. The Silhouette System was first conceived by Dream Pod 9 when they developed games under the Ianus brand. The first time the Silhouette System was used was in the Project Ako …

JasonBackwards Compatibility, GM Options, and Timelines


Greg Announcement 29 Comments

Welcome to Arkrite Press. Jason and I are very pleased to finally announce our plans to publish a 20th anniversary edition of the Heavy Gear roleplaying game. It’s a project we’ve been wanting to tackle for many years and we created Arkrite Press specifically to make it happen. The Heavy Gear RPG is actually the source of our first creative …