State of the Game

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Hello, and welcome to our first State of the Heavy Gear Universe Address. We would like to first thank all of our playtesters for their enormous patience while we addressed matters behind-the-scenes and work on revisions based on feedback. To those who might wonder about the state of the game, the answer is yes, Heavy Gear is returning to the …

GregState of the Game

The Patch

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Hi everyone, First off, I want to thank everyone for expressing their interest in the Heavy Gear Universe Test Pilot Program. It’s really encouraging to read about your enthusiasm for a new edition of the Heavy Gear RPG. This week we finally received the proof of the Skunkwerks Heavy Gear Test Pilot patch that everyone who joins the program will receive. …

GregThe Patch

The Test Pilot Program

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Starting in April, the Test Pilot Program will be opening up for individuals and groups interested in participating in testing the 4th edition of Heavy Gear, Heavy Gear Universe. Test Pilots will gain early access to drafts of the rules to aid in the development of the 20th Anniversary RPG. Test Pilots will have access to the Pilot’s Lounge, a …

GregThe Test Pilot Program

Nova Developments

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Hi everyone, We’re still here and working on Arkrite’s latest novella, Red Giants: Last Stand of the Nova Riders, written by Brandon Fero. Which longtime fans will decipher, is the story of how the 74th Norguard regiment, the Nova Riders became the Nova Redriders. We’ve been trying to get the Test Pilot Program started but are still trying to get our …

GregNova Developments


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Welcome to Arkrite Press. Jason and I are very pleased to finally announce our plans to publish a 20th anniversary edition of the Heavy Gear roleplaying game. It’s a project we’ve been wanting to tackle for many years and we created Arkrite Press specifically to make it happen. The Heavy Gear RPG is actually the source of our first creative …