Long Time Coming

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Dear Gearheads and Test Pilots, it has been an unfortunately long time since our last post and we would like to bring you up to speed with what to expect in the next few weeks. RPG: Status update on the rules front. The core rules will be ready to go shortly after the forum goes live. Included in the core …

GregLong Time Coming

Test Pilot Lounge

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Hi Everyone, We need one more thing from you before the pilot lounge goes live. For anyone who purchased, Section, Cadre, or Reinforcements packs, could you please use our contact form and send us the email addresses of the people you purchased the extra patches for? We will be inviting you to the pilot lounge directly through the forum, so we will …

GregTest Pilot Lounge

Intro to Phase One of the Test Pilot Program and and update on the Pilot Lounge

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Hi Test Pilots! The following information is a quick introduction to what to expect during Phase One period of the Test Pilot Program. Just a quick update on the Pilot Lounge, we were shooting for a release tonight, but we’re still working on getting it up and running. For those of you waiting on the emails, don’t worry you have …

JasonIntro to Phase One of the Test Pilot Program and and update on the Pilot Lounge

Pilot Lounge Inbound

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Getting everything prepped for launch has taken a bit longer than I estimated, but the good news is the Pilot Lounge will be opening up Monday night (5/11). We will be doing a mass mailing Monday night to all Test Pilots that have signed up. Unless otherwise specified, the emails with the log in instructions and the Pilot Lounge link …

JasonPilot Lounge Inbound

Brick o’ Patches

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Brick o’ Patches   So I got package filled with big black brick. Of course on closer inspection, I saw that it held….. Test Pilot Patches! Some Size Comparisons   So a quick update on the Test Pilot Program, all of the patches ordered will be going out in a bulk shipment on Friday, so keep an eye out for …

JasonBrick o’ Patches

Rockets & Lasers

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Before we get to the main event, I just wanted to say that Jason’s had some luck with our patch manufacturer and we’re expecting to see a preview soon. When that’s ready, we’ll be releasing more details about the Test Pilot Program. We look forward to bringing you more news and content soon. As promised last week, here is a raw, unedited excerpt …

GregRockets & Lasers

Test Pilot Program

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Heavy Gear 20th Anniversary RPG and Test Pilot Program Progress on the roleplaying game continues and I’m currently working on the technology section of the book. In the vein of Terra Nova Technology, this section will showcase the variety of engineering and scientific developments on Terra Nova, but it will also include technology from Earth’s past and present as well …

JasonTest Pilot Program


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  Arkrite Press is happy to announce that our first book is on sale now. Get it here!* Follow the adventures of Jan Augusta and his unit as they track the elusive, deadly, vat-grown super soldier Colonel Proust through the jungles of the Terranovan badlands in this first Heavy Gear novella. Then join Soldier Roskiman on his trek into the desert to discover his …